Advisors are the reason Bakground’s system is so effective.

Our software changes the way people apply for jobs, and how recruiters seek out qualified individuals. By using our system to provide precise, valuable leads, companies can save hundreds of hours they’d usually spend sifting through applications, resumes, and potentially under-qualified people.

Advisors are the reason this system is so effective. Advisors are typically experts in their field, with experience and knowledge of the professional trends of the market. We meet and work closely with these advisors blend their expertise with our AI model to create a seamless and precise system for hiring ideal people.

As a crucial part of our team, this group of experts uses a convenient mobile app to review resumes, scoring them, and showcasing what stands out about them, allowing our team to streamline the hiring process.

It helps us pinpoint who we’re looking for, and helps people understand exactly what they’re applying for – and see how they measure up against other people.

Become an advisor.