How it Works

AI fueled by a community of professional recruiters.


Bakround has pioneered the bScore, a FICO® Credit Score-like metric that identifies how well someone fits for a certain job. Simply upload a resume, and Bakround creates a bScore to assist with hiring that person. Alternatively, you can search a massive database of potential candidates who have already been scored. Using over 140 different criteria per person, including including years of employment, educational degrees, occupational certifications and recommendations and reputation of previous employers, the bScore is a robust and useful tool for identifying the right people to join your company.

Right now, we’re as good as any veteran recruiter or manager at assessing a worker. Soon, though, we will be able to accurately predict who will excel, who will stick around, and even who is telling the truth as we begin to certify information going into the bScore as legitimate.


Worker Master Records. Every organization keeps records on their employees, but as soon as that employee leaves, the work starts over with a new organization. The Bakround Profile, the bProfile, is a decentralized master record that contains a worker’s basic employment information plus any assessment results, referral testimonies, video interviews, etc. Think of it like an Electronic Medical Record but for employment.

Healthcare workers who are members of the Bakround community have the opportunity to build bPros, and that information feeds our AI to create a robust bScore. The bScore is not reliant upon a bPro, though, so if even basic resume data is available, a good bScore can be created.

Bakround Experts Program

While AI is the brain of Bakround, the Experts Program is its heart. The Experts Program is a growing community of over 100 professional healthcare recruiters who help us learn and fine tune our technology. Every day, Bakround Experts review resumes and share insights that feed our machine learning algorithms. So, when we tell you someone’s a great fit, it’s not just our technology talking – it’s a large community of healthcare recruiters saying so.

“As a sourcer, I spend a lot of time cold-calling candidates across a variety of job boards and social media sites. Bakround does a great job of pulling those resumes from across several of these sites and allowing me to quickly share my open positions with them. The site is simple and the development team behind the site is phenomenal. Any changes or recommendations I have suggested have been quickly and smoothly implemented.”

Chelsi Molina

BAYADA Home Health Care

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