Healthcare Organizations

Experience the future with Bakround.

Candidate and Employee Ranking

Our technology works with any Applicant Tracking System, HRIS, or Talent Management System to instantly identify top healthcare workers. This is especially useful when dealing with high volume roles like MAs, CNAs, and LPNs. Of course, a great manager or recruiter intuitively knows who’s a good fit, but Bakround provides the ability to take that advanced analysis and replicate it across groups or even whole populations of workers. Bakround eliminates the need to review resumes or employee profiles, presenting organizations with newfound objectivity, consistency, and speed.

Employee Engagement (coming soon)

Most organizations are so busy getting the job done that they spend little time thinking about their employees’ professional goals, dreams, and desires. Using the bScore™ as a foundation and focused on employee advancement, Bakround Engagement is an easy-to-use platform that helps managers engage and retain staff.

Employee Departure

Exit interviews are rarely useful. With Bakround Departure, Bakround lets customers know where, when, and most importantly, why employees leave. With the bPro™ at its heart, Bakround Engagement provides vital information to improving operations and retaining the best talent.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Bakround has produced candidates that are new to our database or that I have not sourced previously. The auto-contact function allows me to focus on the recruiting process while it does the sourcing…in the “bakround.” There are many tricks to the trade sourcers use to find contact information, and this site also utilizes them which I found convenient and refreshing.” – C.M.
“Bakround is the latest sourcing recruiting tool. It helps save me tons of time by having only the qualified candidates sent to me for my review! I no longer have to spend hours going through databases trying to find that needle in a haystack. Bakround is a great tool for the entire recruiting team to use without paying the huge yearly subscriptions. I highly recommend.” – J.O.
“I felt Bakround continued to improve over the course of our pilot. While no job board is perfect, Bakround’s simple functionality and candidate management made for a pleasant experience. I would recommend Bakround for use at any company.” – C.M.

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