Healthcare Organizations

Need a recruiting partner but want to keep control? That’s Bakround.

We’re RPO for those who don’t want RPO.

Higher Quality Candidates

We have developed some incredible Artificial Intelligence to assist our recruitment team in identifying the people who you want to talk to. Our AI identifies the people based on your needs, we phone screen those who are interested, and hand only the best to your hiring managers.

Awesome Candidate and Hiring Manager Experience

Every organization has different needs. Our Engagement Team makes it a priority to not only understand your culture, but to communicate effectively as we constantly strive to improve. In addition to that personal touch, we emphasize the use of data and leverage advanced analytics to deliver real results.

Fill Positions Faster

The average time to fill a vacancy for an RN is 45 days and can be as high as 90. Simply put, we deliver great candidates to hiring managers more rapidly. Our technology allows us to look for healthcare workers 24×7 regardless of geography, producing a huge up-to-date database of jobseekers who are both active and passive. That volume and our dedication to your success results in more reqs filled more quickly.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“Bakround has produced candidates that are new to our database or that I have not sourced previously. The auto-contact function allows me to focus on the recruiting process while it does the sourcing…in the “bakround.” There are many tricks to the trade sourcers use to find contact information, and this site also utilizes them which I found convenient and refreshing.” – C.M.
“Bakround is the latest sourcing recruiting tool. It helps save me tons of time by having only the qualified candidates sent to me for my review! I no longer have to spend hours going through databases trying to find that needle in a haystack. Bakround is a great tool for the entire recruiting team to use without paying the huge yearly subscriptions. I highly recommend.” – J.O.
“I felt Bakround continued to improve over the course of our pilot. While no job board is perfect, Bakround’s simple functionality and candidate management made for a pleasant experience. I would recommend Bakround for use at any company.” – C.M.

Questions about how Bakround can work for you?