At Bakround, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze and score resumes across many different categories. In addition, we’ve created a system where we combine that adept computer science with expert human intelligence for a precise and objective way to more efficiently hire new employees.

A benefit to everyone across the hiring process – from managers to applicants and category experts helping hone in on the talent – AI recruiting allows for more in-depth elements to surface within the recruiting and the career-seeking process than have ever existed before.

As a hiring manager, you’re able to obtain a much higher level of precision when searching for applicants. Candidates can view their resume score (comparable to a credit score) and get tips that can steer them toward further education and training that will make them more competitive in their job market. Lastly, industry experts are able to hone their skills as consultants with us by grading resumes for the AI search engine, helping to refine its selection each time, attributing key elements of the resume to qualified candidates.